If you’re planning to use photographs within your graphic design project, particularly ones of people, then you may want to learn a few looks-enhancing Photoshop techniques. After all, even the most beautiful models are only human, but Photoshop software offers an easy way to get that flawless finish that you see in magazines and catalogues. Or maybe you just want to tweak your facebook profile pic or a picture for a dating website 😉 Here are a couple of techniques which you may want to consider using.

One way to enhance beauty is to increase the colour intensity of your photo. You will need to use a high resolution image in order for this technique to work best. However, it only takes a couple of minutes, so you can complete this edit whilst browsing the ‘net, playing online foxy bingo (my new secret addiction, now not so secret :/), or working on any other design projects. First, start by making a duplicate layer of your image and then click Ctrl+M and increase the brightness of your new layer. Next, blur the image slightly by selecting the ‘filter’ function, then blur, and then choosing a blurring option, such as Gaussian Blur. Then, select filter again, and put a ‘Soft Light’ effect on your image. Finally, bring back the definition to your image by merging the edited layer with the original image.

You can also greatly improve the skin quality of your models by using a basic Photoshop technique. Using the Healing Brush Tool, hold the Alt key and click on a good, smooth area of skin, in order to create your sample. The let go of the Alt key, and continue to use this tool to touch up other areas of skin, removing any spots, scars or other blemishes. Use the Lasso Tool to select key areas, such as the eye. Then edit the Opacity of this area, changing settings to around 30% to make the area appear much brighter.