So, yesterday I posted my tutorial on how to make repeat patterns. I also posted the same tutorial onto deviant art. Today one of the members, who goes by the name of Percomis, commented that there is in fact a far easier way to do this. So i am in his debt for his great advice! I’m leaving yesterdays tutorial as it is however, as it will help you better understand the process behind pattern repeats.

So here is the revised, and much faster way of making patterns repeat.

Make a new image 600 x 600 in size

Draw your design in the centre of the image, without letting anything touch the edges. I Used my Cells brush set – you can get it here

Now here is the clever bit, that bypasses all the tedious guides, cutting and aligning that I made you do yesterday…

Go to Filter > Other > Offset

Use the values above. If your original image was a different size, simply enter a value of half its width and height. Et voila, a perfectly quartered image

Now continue filling in the centre of the image with more of your design. When its done, turn it into a pattern by going to Edit > Define Pattern. Here is the end result

I created a few other colour ways for this tile, and saved them as a pattern set. You can download the set below to try them out

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