Free – Chalk Illustrator brush set

Free – Chalk Illustrator brush set

Scanned from actual chalk and pastel strokes, this brush set for Illustrator is free to use for non profit and personal artworks.



  1. Really great good work

  2. Thanks so much….this really came in handy for a school assignment….you are a life saver!

  3. These are awesome, thanks so much! =)

  4. Love them! Thank you!!!!

  5. Hi,

    These brushes were exactly what I was looking for BUT they come out heavily pixelated for me (Illustrator CS4). They look great in the jpg supplied but not when loaded as brushes. Are there some settings I should be tweaking? I understand that Illustrator is vector as opposed to raster but just wanted to check.


  6. ah, i think unchecking ‘proportional’ was the answer.

  7. Oh sweet! They look perfect, I’ll definitely try them.

  8. Thank you man. Great brushes. Just what i needed.


  9. Thank you!! <3

  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! :D

  11. Thank you SO much! :)


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