Here I’ll try and answer a few of the questions I get asked regularly. If you have any other questions, please comment below, and i’ll add them with the answer.

Q. How do I get a license to use the free brushes for my business?

A. You can buy one in the shop here. Or just email me telling me which sets you would like to license, and provide your full name, and an email address that I can send a paypal invoice to. I’ll make up your license/s and send you your invoice.

Alternatively, all of the items in the shop can be used commercially if you pick the commercial use option.

Q. Can I use the brush sets/clip art illustrations for my school or  college project/yearbook?

A. Yes, no problem. That’s not classed as commercial use. Although if you leave college and your portfolio contains the brush designs you might want to think about letting prospective employers know that you’ve used design resources and that its not your own work.


Q. Can I use the brush designs in rubber stamp making?

A. You can use the designs in stamp making, so long as you are incorporating them into a design of your own and have bought a commercial license and you have to credit Mels Brushes. You can’t use them ‘as is’ – i.e. sell a stamp with just one of the brush designs on it and nothing of your own added.


Q. Can I use a design from one of your brush sets as my company logo?

Yes, you will need to purchase an extended license for this which costs £30. Email me with the set you require a license for, with your full name, company name and web address.


Q. How much are your brush sets in US dollars/Euros?

A. Currently (Aug 2009) £5 GB Pounds is $8.26 US dollars, and 5.78 Euros, but check the exchange rate at xe.com


Q. Can i pay in dollars/euros/yen etc?

A. Sorry, I accept only Pounds Sterling. BUT, when you pay with paypal, it does the conversion for you automatically at no extra charge.


Q. Can I use your brushes in digital scrapbooking kits to re-sell?

A. Yes, if you buy a commercial license, and  if they are incorporated into your own design and are non editable (flattened).


Q. How much does it cost to get licenses for all your free brush sets?

A. The cost is currently £50 (excludes the Illustrator sets).


Q. Can I use the brushes for print?

A. Only the premium brush sets (the ones in the shop) are really big enough to use for printing. You may find the regular sets are too small – they’re best used online.


Q. Can you design me a personalised custom set of brushes/illustrations for my business?

A. No problem, this is one of my most popular requests. Just drop me an email and we can chat about what you need. The cost ranges from £40 to £60 for 8-10 images. I can also do clip art, textures or logos.


Q. What does commercial use mean?

A. Please read my Terms of Use page


Q. What are your business hours for answering emails/sending licenses?

A. I work Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm GMT. Very sorry, but any emails i receive after 3pm or at the weekend have to wait until the next day or Monday.


Q. Where’s the download page for the premium sets?

A. After you’ve been through the paypal checkout, you’ll be sent an email containing your download link. If this messes up somehow, don’t panic, just email me and i’ll send you the file manually once i’ve received notification of your payment.

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